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W3 DRS Implementation

A customized solution built around your priorities

W3Health's proven implementation methodology assures that your organization will get the most from your W3 DRS investment. The key to our implementation methodology is our team's vast experience. In fact, each member of our implementation team has an average of ten years experience designing and implementing customized analytical solutions for healthcare organizations.

The result is a highly specialized team that works closely with your organization to develop a customized solution that addresses your specific business needs—minimizing the time and resources you spend implementing and maximizing the time you spend using W3 DRS.


Phase 1: Requirements and Needs Assessment

W3 DRS Support and Service specialists meet with you to thoroughly understand your Business Requirements, including: objectives, critical issues, organizational structure, and lines of business.

An extensive Data Assessment identifies your data sources, structures and quality issues. Comprehensive evaluations of your claims, pharmacy, provider and member data are also conducted. Data Security and Technical Assessments identify privacy and security issues and review your Web browser and hardware requirements.

Phase 2: Data Integration and Build

Your customized W3 DRS solution is built through a process of cleaning and standardizing your data and creating multidimensional cubes that allow for comprehensive and dynamic reporting. W3Health takes care of the entire data integration and data warehouse development process. And W3 DRS accepts claims and enrollment data in any electronic format — eliminating the need to extract files to particular specifications.

Phase 3: Access, Training and Support

Once your version of W3 DRS is complete, W3Health provides your designated physicians, analysts, and Medical Directors access to the system. We also conduct comprehensive training programs, and provide detailed documentation to support your users.

Phase 4: Evaluation and Feedback

W3 DRS Support and Service specialists continue to work with you to ensure a smooth and rapid transition to the solution. Between three to six months after implementation, we perform a formal evaluation of the process and a thorough assessment of the solution to create a continuous improvement cycle around your entire W3 DRS solution.