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Deployment options to fit your organization's needs

W3Health offers you the flexibility to choose the deployment option that works best for your organization. You can license W3 DRS through a subscription based ASP model, where W3Health houses your data and deploys the application to your organization through the Web. We also offer a traditional, on-site installation of W3 DRS.

The ASP Model


An end-to-end Web-based solution

The primary delivery mechanism for W3Health's software is the Application Service Provider model (ASP). For each ASP licensed client, W3Health manages the data extraction, data integration and data warehouse creation process, accelerating the implementation cycle and allowing clients to focus their internal resources on data-driven decision making.

Gain rapid return on investment

The ASP model lets you free up valuable system resources and eliminate the time and expense of implementing, configuring and maintaining a reporting and analysis application. This leads to a quicker return on investment and an improved bottom line.

Lower IT expenses

W3 DRS is deployed on a central server and accessed with a Web browser. This "thin client" approach helps you reduce IT expenditures with the following advantages:

Eliminate hardware and software expenses.

There are no servers or software to buy or maintain. This reduces the costs often associated with building and implementing a reporting system and eliminates the need for individual workstations.

Minimize technical support.

W3 DRS requires no technical support beyond Internet connectivity — freeing up valuable IT staff to concentrate on more important issues.

Receive automatic upgrades.

W3 DRS is automatically upgraded on a routine, reliable schedule. You get the latest functionality without the expense and hassle of purchasing and installing new software.

On-site Installation

Run W3 DRS in your own environment

If your organization prefers to install W3 DRS on-site, W3Health specialists will work with your IT professionals to identify your server, implementation and configuration requirements. With the installed version of W3 DRS, you can leverage the knowledge and expertise of your internal IT staff, and still take advantage of sharing reports and analytic information through the Internet.