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Jeff Stafford

President & CEO


We make the Web work for healthcare

W3Health was formed in 1997 with a clear purpose — use the reach and power of the Internet to improve the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery. Since then, W3Health has put together the technology, the people and the vision to make this goal a reality.

Helping clients meet new market demands

There is a new set of demands facing managed care organizations. Rigid policies and confusing, inflexible guidelines are no longer tolerated. Cost-effectiveness is a priority, but the ability to deliver high-quality care is more important than ever. Successful managed care organizations need innovative methods and tools to meet these demands. W3Health provides information driven solutions designed to help your organization improve its financial performance and initiate quality improvement programs.

Our flagship product, W3 DRS, is a customized software solution designed to help healthcare organizations control costs and improve the quality of care they deliver. W3 DRS is a robust and flexible analytic tool for risk-bearing healthcare organizations, allowing them to use their valuable data to make business decisions more quickly and accurately.

W3Health—An Industry Leader.

Today, organizations across the country are using W3Health's products to analyze their business. Our solutions are custom built to address the specific analytic challenges within each organization, making W3 DRS a powerful and versatile tool for all types of healthcare entities--HMOs, PPOs, PHOs, IPAs and MSOs.