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Support and Service Packages

The experience of healthcare and technology experts working for you

W3Health's extensive expertise in healthcare analytics allows us to offer our customers value-added, personalized Support and Service packages. These consultative services help users in your organization learn how to get the most from the W3 DRS solution. We can also assist you in designing and implementing programs to address specific issues identified through analysis of your data.

To ensure the consistent improvement of your care delivery process, W3Health offers several Support and Service packages, including:

Data Interpretation and Analysis

To help you discover key areas for intervention, our specialists will analyze W3 DRS data to identify the factors that have a critical impact on your organization's cost effectiveness, quality of care and customer satisfaction. We're also ready to offer recommendations for intervention programs to address your financial and medical management performance issues.

Advanced W3 DRS Training

W3Health can work with your organization to design customized training programs, ensuring your W3 DRS solution is used to its fullest potential over the long term. So whether your users are physicians, employer groups or internal analytic staff, we can craft a program to heighten awareness and speed acceptance of W3 DRS.